Thirunallar Shri Dharbaranyeswara Swamy Temple

The Thirunallar Saneeswaran Temple in Karaikal, Puducherry, is dedicated to Lord Shani, or Saturn, and is part of the Navagraha temples in Tamil Nadu that honor the nine planets in Hindu astrology. It's the only temple focused on Lord Shani. People from around the world visit to reduce the negative effects of Shani Dosha, an astrological condition. Known for its architecture and history, the temple offers insights into Hindu worship and beliefs. It's a place where visitors seek peace and relief from challenges, surrounded by rich culture and spirituality.

About the Temple & History

The presiding deity of the temple is Dharbaranyeswar, with a special emphasis on Sani Bhagwan (Saturn), known for being a swayambu (self-manifested) deity. The temple also venerates Goddess Bogamartha Poonmulayal, positioning it as one of the Sapthavidanga Sthalams, which are significant for their spiritual importance. The holy tree associated with the temple is the Darba, and it is famed for its sacred spring, Nalatheertham. The temple's profound spiritual essence is further highlighted by its praise in the Thevaram hymns, a testament to its religious significance. Located in Thirunallar, this temple stands as a beacon of devotion and spirituality, drawing devotees to its revered grounds.

Temples represent the divine dwelling on Earth, serving as earthly mirrors to the heavenly realm. Despite the abundance of temples across our lands, each serves as a conduit to the divine, akin to how milk is drawn from a cow - the divine presence, although transcendent, is accessible within these sacred spaces.

For thousands of years, Hindu culture has been deeply devout, with temples dotting the landscape, often erected by royalty or their descendants. The importance of living in proximity to a temple is underscored by poetic wisdom, highlighting the spiritual desolation of places without one.

In the Thanjavur District, home to numerous temples, lies the ancient Sri Darbharanyeswara Temple in Tirunallar, near Karaikal, once under French governance. This temple, celebrated in the 7th century by Saint Tirugnana Sambandar through his padigams, has also been honored by Saints Thirunavukkarasu, Sundarar in the 9th century, and Arunagirinathar in the 15th century, who have all contributed to its spiritual legacy with their hymns and verses.

How to reach?

Reaching the Saneeswaran Temple is convenient, offering various modes of transportation for devotees and visitors. Here's a breakdown of how to reach the temple by air, train, bus, and car, ensuring a smooth journey to this spiritual destination.

By Air:

The nearest airport to the Saneeswaran Temple is the Tiruchirappalli International Airport, which is approximately 140 kilometers away. Upon landing, visitors have the option to hire a taxi or catch a bus to Thirunallar. The drive is scenic, winding through the beautiful landscapes of Tamil Nadu, and typically takes around 3 to 4 hours.

By Train:

For those preferring the railways, the nearest station is in Karaikal. This station enjoys good connectivity with major cities across Tamil Nadu and other states, making it a convenient option for train travelers. From the Karaikal railway station, the temple is easily accessible via a short ride in a taxi or an auto-rickshaw.

By Bus:

Regular bus services run to Karaikal from major cities like Chennai, Coimbatore, and Bangalore. These buses are operated by both state-run and private companies, offering various levels of comfort and price points. Once in Karaikal, local transportation can take you directly to the Saneeswaran Temple, allowing for a hassle-free continuation of your journey.

By Car:

Driving to the Saneeswaran Temple is another viable option, especially for those who prefer the flexibility and leisure of a road trip. The temple is accessible via National Highway 45A. It is situated roughly 130 kilometers from Pondicherry and about 300 kilometers from Chennai. The roads are well-maintained, offering a pleasant drive through the picturesque countryside of Tamil Nadu.

Opening Hours:

Sunday to Friday

  • 05:30 AM to 12:30 PM
  • 04:00 PM to 08:30 PM


  • 04:00 AM to 09:30 PM

Pooja Timings:

Monday to Sunday

  • Usha Kalam: 06:00 AM to 07:00 AM
  • KalaSanthi: 08:30 AM to 09:30 AM
  • Utchi Kalam: 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM
  • Sayratchai: 05:00 PM to 06:30 PM
  • RendamKalam: 07:00 PM to 08:00 PM
  • Artha Jamam: 08:30 PM to 09:00 PM

Temple Address & Location:

Thirunallar Shri Saneeswarar Temple,
ONGC Colony, Thirunallar, 
Puducherry 609607

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